The Fogmaker AFFF system is smaller, lighter, more compact than conventional Foam fire systems and can take up as little real estate as a 9kg portable extinguisher. This innovative technology is widely used in Europe with over 40,000 systems installed worldwide; more than 600 systems were installed in Australia for 2010.


The patented construction permits the agent tank to be mounted vertically, horizontally or inverted in narrow spaces to save on real-estate.


This is also an important security factor where the system is installed in vehicles that are exposed to the risk of roll over. The agent tank is anodized, high pressure and corrosion protected for harsh environments, with the distribution network primarily stainless steel with brass nozzles. Options for activation include automated (pneumatic activation), delayed, manual or a combination of all.


The Fogmaker suppression system comes in a range of agent tank sizes can be fitted on vehicles such as Graders, Loaders, Dozers, Underground Machines, 4 x 4’s, Buses, Generators, Compressors, Cranes, Trains , Forestry Machines; practically most machinery with a semi enclosed space.


In most cases there is no need for specialised brackets or fabrication. Due to the noise control and environmental obligations, engine compartments are being built with sound and suppression enclosures. Noise control has meant engine compartments are more frequently being enclosed with sound suppression. In turn, engine compartments are getting hotter and this is where the AFFF Mist System Work best. “The hotter and more enclosed – the better”